Grassroots programmes

NNHF funds sustainable programmes that ensure access to quality care for people with haemophilia living in low- and middle-income countries.

By teaming up with country-specific partners and haemophilia experts, NNHF’s programmes have helped diagnose over 44,800 people. More than 57,200 healthcare professionals have been trained and  580 haemophilia centres have been established or strengthened.

Focus areas

Capacity building

Specialised training of healthcare professionals through lectures and workshops, either on-site or abroad. Creating and implementing national treatment guidelines, educational material and other relevant tools.

Diagnosis and registry

Improving ability to diagnose through better laboratory facilities and requisite skills training for staff, the establishment of quality assurance processes. Establishing and updating registries.

Awareness and advocacy

Engaging community leaders and the wider public by raising awareness about bleeding disorders, engaging strategically media and authorities, and advocating for improved access to care and treatment to achieve systemic change.

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