Our approach

Grass-rooted programmes designed to ensure systemic change.

Our approach

Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation (NNHF) partners with local and international community members to make change a reality for people with haemophilia, wherever they live. Our activities on the ground help improve access to care and quality of life for people with haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders.

Collaboration is a critical part of designing a future where everyone with haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders has equal access to care. We work with project partners in the countries who drive real change, local community members who provide hands-on support, global experts and disease area specialists who share their knowledge, and our Foundation Council whose experts support and motivate project partners and staff.

By teaming up with country-specific partners and international experts, NNHF’s programmes have helped diagnose or re-test over 45,700 people with bleeding disorders. More than 59,100 healthcare professionals have been trained and 560 haemophilia centres were established or strengthened (data 2005- December 2023).

Focus areas

Together with our partners, we define and fund programmes that strengthen health systems to enable better care and treatment for people living with haemophilia and allied disorders.

  • Capacity building

    Empowering people with haemophilia, their families and patient organisations through awareness-building and training; creating and expanding medical networks, developing or strengthening care centres, training healthcare professionals and improving the organisation of care delivery – so that people with haemophilia and allied disorders can access care closer to home.

  • Diagnosis and registry

    Establishing laboratory facilities and providing training for technicians to enable quality diagnosis; establishing quality assurance processes to ensure accurate diagnoses; developing and updating patient registries to provide the quality data needed to support systemic change.

  • Awareness and advocacy

    Empowering the bleeding and allied disorders community to advocate for systemic change; raising awareness to identify more people living with haemophilia, decrease stigma and improve overall their quality of life.

Sharing learnings

Sharing learnings is a fundamental aspect of our efforts to improve care. By encouraging learning sharing amongst our partners, we aim to strengthen the sustainable impact of their programmes. We foster an environment where project partners, regional and international experts, people with haemophilia and the wider community can exchange knowledge and share best practices.

Inspired by the health system building blocks of the WHO Health Systems Framework, NNHF has developed a framework to analyse and evaluate care for bleeding disorders in a specific country or region.

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