Processing of Personal Data 

Based on my consent provided by submitting the contact form on (the “Consent”),

I understand and agree that:

  • Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation (NNHF) and/or its representative can collect the following types of personal data: contact information (name, address, telephone number, email address); pictures, images and recordings; data revealing ethnic origin; data concerning health; and data on memberships and associations. 
  • My personal data be processed (e.g. collected, used, stored) and shared by NNHF with its representatives (the “Representative”), suppliers or vendors that assist NNHF (e.g. cloud service providers, IT service providers, law firms), any third party to whom NNHF assigns or novates any of its rights or obligations, and any persons interested in NNHF’s work. These third parties will not use my personal data for their own purposes and will safeguard my personal data It will be stored in accordance with this Consent and applicable law and will only be used for non-commercial purposesthat relate to the NNHF project being depicted as part of NNHF’s public relations programmes shared with internal and external audiences on any communication channel on a global scale (including social media). 
  • I have certain rights concerning my personal data. I may object to my personal data being processed, request an overview of the personal data NNHF has about me, obtain a copy of my personal data, request that my personal data is rectified or destroyed, or withdraw my Consent at any time. If I withdraw my Consent, it will not affect any prior uses of my personal data.  I understand that NNHF shall keep my personal data for up to 4 years for their public relations programmes and that they may share my personal data as necessary for these purposes. 
  • NNHF may transfer my personal data to countries which do not offer the same level of protection for personal data as Switzerland. In order to protect my personal data, NNHF will safeguard my personal data by only transferring it based on EU or Swiss Adequacy Decisions (countries that the competent bodies in the EU or Switzerland have determined provide an adequate level of protection), or EU Standard Contractual Clauses as amended to include Swiss law (contract terms that provide an adequate level of protection). If you want to know more about these transfers, contact us. 
  • I will not receive any compensation for this Consent and any use of my personal data. 
  • I can obtain further information on the personal data which NNHF stores and processes about me by reaching out to NNHF at the following address: Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation, The Circle 32, Postfach, CH-8058 Zurich Switzerland Telephone: +41 43 222 4300 E-mail: [email protected] 
  • If you wish to file a complaint about our data processing, you can contact the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner, Feldeggweg 1, CH – 3003 Berne, Switzerland E-mail:

I acknowledge that I am not required to provide NNHF and/or its Representative with my personal data. However, by not providing my Consent, I will not be included in their development or public relations programmes. 

By clicking ‘Submit’ on and submitting the form I have read and understood the above and consent to the processing of my personal data.