Supporting NNHF activities

As a corporate foundation, the NNHF is primarily funded by its founder Novo Nordisk. However, we also welcome donations from individuals and organisations, who wish to contribute to improving haemophilia care.

Your donation will help support our programmes for people with haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders living in the developing world, who currently receive little or no care. All donations go towards activities that help us fulfil one of our three focus areas.

Since January 2020, your donations have been supporting a project in India, focused on strengthening and standardising seven National Referral and Training Centres in the country.

The NNHF Council approved the India 13 project in October 2019. The project team, led by Dr Tulika Seth, Department of Hematology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences of New Delhi, is determined to drive change. In alignment with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) and the Hemofilia Federation of India (HFI), they will work to improve haemophilia care, starting from the top of the care system. The MOHFW and the coalition will further develop referral hospitals responsible for each Indian state, reaching further to every district.

Key project activities

  • Specialised training of HCPs from each of the 7 National Referral and Training Centres.
  • Purchase of equipment for centres to serve as regional referral hospitals.

Expected impact

  • Comprehensive, standardised haemophilia care available closer to people with haemophilia leading to faster management of the condition, less disability and increased social inclusion.
  • Increased diagnosis rate.
  • National referral system in place.

Incredible India, incredible impact

April 2021
Dr Tulika Seth, NNHF project partner from All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi, shares how they have moved forward to start strengthening and standardising care, to allow people with haemophilia, like Pravakar, access comprehensive care closer to his home.

January 2020
Learn how the project will make an incredible difference for people with haemophilia like Pravakar Gurung.

Learn more about the India 13 project’s objectives

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