Use of technology to monitor health outcomes and personalise care

The innovative third NNHF project in Chile resulted in the creation of an online registry and musculoskeletal health mobile app for people with haemophilia.

Dr Soto’s vision

Dr Veronica Soto, paediatric haematologist at the Hospital Roberto del Río in Santiago, had a vision in 2019 for haemophilia care in Chile. This was that all people with haemophilia receive accurate diagnosis and tailored care based on long-term monitoring of their condition and joint health status.

With Dr Lamas and Morales and patient meeting

The story

The Chile 3 project team is proud to have brought the country closer to achieving that vision.

Dr Soto shared her story as part of NNHF’s ’15 years, 15 stories series’ – you can read it here.

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