Strengthening care in Shandong

“My name is Peng Keyi and I am proud to be a volunteer helping people with haemophilia in Jinan, Shandong Province. When I think of how far I have come in my own journey, I am filled with gratitude. I was diagnosed with severe haemophilia A shortly after I was born in 1993. Due to improper treatment, I developed a joint deformity which impaired my mobility.

Peng Keyi before attending the training in 2010.

“When I first came to the training runned by Shandong Hemophilia Treatment Center in 2010 World Hemophilia Day, I was unable to walk very far and was carried in by student volunteers. Learning from Dr Zhang Xinsheng that haemophilia was a disease that could be treated gave me hope. Head nurse Cheng Yan helped me a lot and taught me how to self-infuse my treatment which gave me the freedom to live and work without fear. In 2017 I was able to benefit from a double knee joint replacement surgery and, after a long rehabilitation period, my quality of life improved greatly.

“Today I am happily married. I serve as the Chairman of the Jinan Haemophilia Home and an active volunteer on the NNHF project team. I am happy to share my personal experience living with haemophilia and the available care and rehabilitation options, in the hope that it will inspire others.”

Peng Keyi and his wife on their wedding day.

China 2021 highlights

The project in partnership with the Shandong Hemophilia Treatment Center successfully built upon the strengths of experienced healthcare professionals and an empowered patient community thanks to the earlier project supported by the NNHF in Shandong, the second-most populated province in China.

  • Training sessions held for healthcare professionals in Liaocheng and Dezhou, strengthening diagnosis capacities and establishing multidisciplinary care teams.
  • Haemophilia treatment centre established in Heze and Liaocheng, certified by the Hemophilia Treatment Center Collaborative Network China (HTCCNC).
  • Educational sessions for people with haemophilia and their families in both Liaocheng and Dezhou, focusing on home care, self-infusion and rehabilitation strategies for arthropathy.
  • World Haemophilia Day celebration in Liaocheng with patients watching programme including singing, acrobatics and traditional performance.

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