Panama 2 project

Establishment of six satellite centres and national patient education

Partner institution
Fundación Panameña de Hemofilia, Panama City

Represented by
Lic. Yudiana Montenegro, President

2 years, Q4 2011 – Q1 2014



  • Train one physician from Panama City in Brazil to later conduct follow-up visits and help with the decentralisation of care
  • Establish satellite haemophilia clinics in collaboration with the authorities of the health centres in 6 cities


  • 6 satellite haemophilia clinics created around the country
  • 1 week training in Panama City for each clinic
  • 1 week training on-site for each clinic including Parents Empowering Parents (PEP)
  • 340 healthcare professionals trained
  • Factor available in all clinics
  • Final learning sharing meeting
  • Additional training for orthopaedists and dentists from the regions in Panama City
  • Endorsement by the Ministry of Health
  • 2 national patient camps organised

“At the final meeting it was obvious to all that they were more than a group of healthcare professionals – they were a community united to help people with haemophilia all across Panama live better lives. This saves patients and their families’ money, time, and effort – and above all provides them with better healthcare”Dr Bélgica Moreno

Partner with NNHF

NNHF funds and supports projects in developing countries to improve access to care for people with haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders.

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