Pakistan 6 project

Building partnerships to create awareness and improve care

Partner institution
Hemophilia Foundation – Pakistan (former Pakistan Hemophilia Patients Welfare Society), Lahore

Represented by
Mr Masood Fareed Malik, President

3.5 years, Q2 2017 – Q4 2020



  • Empower the community through capacity building
  • Identify new patients with bleeding disorders through awareness raising activities
  • Improve access to care in the regions through advocacy activities in partnership with the provincial and national authority
  • Improve diagnosis rate and update national patient registry


  • A policy manual has been developed, ensuring the functioning and sustainability of the National Executive Council of Hemophilia Foundation – Pakistan
  • Through the development of an interactive learning page, the establishment of a new chapter in Quetta and organising fundraising campaigns the chapters of Hemophilia Foundation – Pakistan has been empowered
  • Awareness raising activities have been executed on a national level through social media, thus increasing awareness about haemophilia in the regions and with the general public
  • The current registry has been reviewed and updated, to be used for:
    • Accurate distribution of humanitarian aid grants
    • Measuring the community needs and trends
    • Advocating with government
  • 5 meetings were held to initiate the dialogue with the government and the organisation is now empowered to lead the necessary long-term dialogue with authorities, advocating for sustainable haemophilia care

A united bleeding disorders community of Pakistan

The current Pakistan project adds to the success of the fifth NNHF project in Pakistan by continuing to build the capacity of the bleeding disorders community in the country. The Hemophilia Foundation-Pakistan (HFP) showed the world that a united and empowered bleeding disorders community has a stronger voice, and that better practice sharing across regions can improve haemophilia care across the country.

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Partner with NNHF

NNHF funds and supports projects in developing countries to improve access to care for people with haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders.

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