Lesotho 1 project

Establish basic haemophilia care

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Partner institution
Haemophilia Association of Lesotho (HAL)

Represented by
Mr Moeketsi Mootisa, President

2.5 years, Q1 2020 – Q3 2022



  • Empower people with haemophilia and their families to better understand and cope with their condition
  • Strengthen the Haemophilia Association of Lesotho (HAL) with a strategic planning workshop and advocacy training
  • Create awareness through World Haemophilia Day celebration
  • Establish a haemophilia comprehensive care team


  • Empowerment of Haemophilia Association of Lesotho (HAL) leadership team through workshops on strategic planning, advocacy and medica engagement
  • Establishment of basic haemophilia care at the Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Mamohato Memorial hospitals in Maseru through the training of two doctors, two nurses and two lab technicians in Bloemfontein, South Africa
  • Decentralisation and cascading of haemophilia knowledge to 18 healthcare professionals from 3 regional hospitals, ensuring that a network is created from which further decentralisation of diagnosis and care can be leveraged in the future
  • Establishment of a Memorandum of Understanding between HAL and the Ministry of Health to promote collaboration towards activities benefitting people with haemophilia, leading to the inclusion of bleeding disorder’s treatment in the Standard Treatment Guidelines of Lesotho (essential drugs list) which currently is under final review
  • Advocacy activities at hospital and authority level led to the purchase of factor concentrate by the Ministry of Health for the introduction of low-dose prophylaxis for 11 severe children with haemophilia
  • In collaboration with the Ministries of Education and Social Development 95 pre-primary and primary school teachers were trained on haemophilia, its symptoms as well as first-care and treatment options, leading to a better integration and participation of children with haemophilia in the school setting
  • 20 people with haemophilia and family members from 4 districts trained on haemophilia, the importance of recording bleeds, exercising and self-infusion

Partner with NNHF

NNHF funds and supports projects in developing countries to improve access to care for people with haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders.

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