Kenya 1 project

Comprehensive CARE (Coagulation, Advanced care, Registration and Education) in Western Kenya

Partner institution
Moi Teaching & Referral Hospital (MTRH), “Academic Model for Providing Access to Healthcare (AMPATH)”, Eldoret

Represented by
F. Chite Asirwa, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Director of AMPATH Haematology and Oncology Program

2 years, 2012 – 2014



  • Create coagulation laboratory – enhance the diagnostic capability of the AMPATH/MTRH haematology laboratory
  • Advance haemophilia care and treatment modalities – initiate comprehensive clinics and enhance the Eldoret Regional Blood Centre’s capacity to manufacture therapeutic blood components
  • Establish a bleeding disorder patient registry and clinical follow-up forms
  • Provide haemophilia education and training to people with haemophilia and healthcare professionals in western Kenya and throughout the country


  • A multidisciplinary care team was established in Eldoret
  • 24 training workshops were organised for healthcare professionals from six hospitals.
  • 140 doctors, 192 nurses and 88 lab technicians were trained
  • 212 people with haemophilia were newly diagnosed with haemophilia out of 400 people with haemophilia were diagnosed
  • Establishment of an electronic medical registry
  • 14 outreach visits for the people with haemophilia in the rural areas were organised

Partner with NNHF

NNHF funds and supports projects in developing countries to improve access to care for people with haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders.

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