India 12 project

Unify Hemophilia Federation India

Partner institution
Hemophilia Federation India (HFI)

Represented by
Mr Vikash Goyal
Mr Mukesh Garodia

2 years, Q2 2019 – Q3 2021



  • Strengthen and unify HFI to advocate for standardised national care


The NNHF has supported HFI through six programmes over the last ten years. The partnership has evolved, moving from regional or state-led initiatives to those which consider a national strategy, whilst maintaining a state-led implementation approach. In 2019, the NNHF supported the first programme which focused on advocacy.

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Unifying and aligning around a common goal

India’s haemophilia community bears many of the same hallmarks as the country itself: big, fast-growing and richly diverse. Since the creation of the Haemophilia Federation of India (HFI) in 1983, the association has grown to include 94 chapters across four regions. However, the different healthcare priorities in each state mean that until now each chapter has operated independently, leading to a lack of alignment on agendas.

In 2019, HFI members saw the opportunity to unify their organisation around a common goal. In order to speak with one voice to national, regional and state level healthcare authorities, the need became apparent to streamline advocacy messages and align approaches across the chapters.

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Partner with NNHF

NNHF funds and supports projects in developing countries to improve access to care for people with haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders.

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