Ghana 3 project

Strengthen advocacy capacity and haemophilia care in Ghana

Partner institution
Ghana Haemophilia Society (GHS)

Represented by
Mr Martin Boakye

3 years, Q3 2020 – Q3 2023



  • Strengthening haemophilia care and the empowerment of nurses in the basic multi-disciplinary care teams in Accra and Kumasi through a 3-weeks specialised training of 1 paediatrician and 4 nurses in either Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, South Africa or Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India.
  • Training of 100 healthcare professionals, recognising haemophilia symptoms and establishing basic and emergency care in 3 regional hospitals, reducing travel time up to 10 hours (both ways) for people with haemophilia living in Sunyani, Waiwso, and Takoradi region.
  • Organisation of an awareness raising campaign amongst the general public, including a documentary on haemophilia aired on national television. This led to a 40% increase in the number of people with haemophilia diagnosed, having diagnosed 140 new people with haemophilia.
  • Self-infusion training for 200 people with haemophilia and family members in Sunyani, Waiwso and Takoradi region, enabling 60 people with haemophilia to be on home treatment.


  • In-depth training of two healthcare professional teams from Accra and Kumasi
  • Increase of advocacy capacity and ability to raise awareness through strategic partnerships
  • Strengthen the patient organisation and empower patient community

Partner with NNHF

NNHF funds and supports projects in developing countries to improve access to care for people with haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders.

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