Colombia 2, Santander project

Knowledge and skills for better lives

Partner institution
FAHES Colombia, Bucaramanga

Represented by
Gina Patricia BolaƱo Suarez, Nurse & Educator

4 years, Q1 2018 – Q4 2021



  • Improve awareness and care given to patients with bleeding disorders in the main public and private healthcare centres in Santander
  • Educate patients on bleeding disorders’ prevention, care and rehabilitation


  • 48 training sessions organised in public and private healthcare institutions in the department of Santander, reaching more than 1,000 professionals. These sessions allowed to improve the awareness of haemophilia by primary healthcare professionals and increase the referral of patients to the reference centre.
  • More than 500 people with haemophilia and family members empowered on the condition through 16 training sessions.
  • Following the purchase of an infusion arm, 4 sessions were organised on self-infusion to avoid the necessity for patients to go to a healthcare centre for infusion.
Nursing training in Bucaramanga
Self-infusion training session for families

Taking into account the challenges faced by the haemophilia community during the COVID-19 pandemic to access healthcare centres, the project partner developed, additionally to the initially planned objectives, a rehabilitation programme for 120 people with haemophilia. 40% of them, with the most limited financial resources, received a home rehabilitation package including a mat, elastic bands, a ball and a dumbbell. This was combined with live and virtual MSK evaluation of each patient with virtual follow-up and exercise sessions. This was organised in close collaboration with a physiotherapist from the Foscal Clinic in Bucaramanga.

Partner with NNHF

NNHF funds and supports projects in developing countries to improve access to care for people with haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders.

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