Colombia 1, Antioquia project

Creation of comprehensive educational and awareness network for patients in remote areas of Antioquia

Partner institution
Liga Antioqueña de Hemofílicos (LIHEA), Medellín

Represented by
Mariangela Espinosa Blanco, CEO

2 years, Q3 2012 – Q4 2014



  • Identify all actors involved in the provision of care for haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders in the municipalities of Antioquia
  • Promote, encourage and develop clinical support activities and social development through specific work plans
  • Train all members of the network including people with haemophilia and families in order to improve the quality of care and health conditions of people with haemophilia and their families
  • Establish network between the different actors and people with haemophilia in the municipalities of Antioquia to assure continuity of improved care


  • 47 municipalities visited
  • 43 new people with haemophilia identified (376 -> 419)
  • 117 people with haemophilia, 279 family members, 436 healthcare professionals and 38 government entities trained
  • 64 people with haemophilia evaluated by the nutritionist: 20% underweight, 24% overweight -> individual nutritional plans, group workshops, legal interventions
  • 117 people with haemophilia evaluated by the physiotherapist: 57.3% have musculoskeletal (MSK) care complications -> individual rehabilitation plans
  • 67 people with haemophilia evaluated by the psychologist: high levels of stress and anxiety due to low job and educational opportunities, low accessibility, availability and affordability of care, no communication with healthcare professionals, discrimination, stigmatisation
  • 97% of people with haemophilia received legal counselling -> 31 families in protection plan
  • Closing educational sessions in 7 regions with 76 people with haemophilia and 96 family members from 41 municipalities
  • Presentation of results to health authorities

Partner with NNHF

NNHF funds and supports projects in developing countries to improve access to care for people with haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders.

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