China 2 project

Improve and extend comprehensive haemophilia care

Partner institution
Hematology Department, Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai

Represented by
Prof Hongli Wang
Prof Man-Chiu Poon, project consultant

3 years, Q4 2009 – Q3 2012



  • Extend the haemophilia care through establishing eight new haemophilia centres in existing infrastructure
  • Improve general awareness of haemophilia in medical staff by training
  • Enhance haemophilia knowledge of the people with haemophilia by education
  • Maintain and update the web-based registry system to provide medical information of haemophilia
  • Find and diagnose more people with haemophilia with inherited bleeding disorders


  • Improved clinical and lab expertise in 10 new centres
  • Expansion of national network to 31 treatment centres
  • 7 people with haemophilia education booklets compiled
  • 16 seminars for 274 healthcare professionals in different regions
  • 30 educational sessions for people with haemophilia with over 2,300 participants
  • 17 electronic publications updated in the Haemophilia Home of China website. More than 20 news articles regarding the haemophilia situation in China have been published. More than 300 questions from people with haemophilia have been answered online
  • Laboratories equipped and laboratory staff of 10 hospitals trained 
    > 9,300 people with haemophilia from 31 centres registered
    > 1,700 people with haemophilia newly diagnosed
  • Increase in healthcare coverage through authority awareness

”We are proud that the registry we worked so hard to develop during the first NNHF project now contains the details of over 10,000 people with bleeding disorders. It is also being recognised by the Ministry of Health and has been implemented in 31 provinces. This will do a great deal of good for the bleeding disorders community in China,” Prof Yang, project partner.

Partner with NNHF

NNHF funds and supports projects in developing countries to improve access to care for people with haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders.

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