Podcast highlights 2022

In 2022 we have talked to people with haemophilia, healthcare professionals, members of patient organisations or expert volunteers, learning how they are impacting care in their country or region.

How a team from Transylvania impacted haemophilia care across Romania (EP3)

Just a few years ago, people with haemophilia in the northern part of Romania had to travel 6 to 9 hours by bus or train to receive diagnosis and care. But thanks to a young doctor, Ciprian Tomuleasa, and his team in the city of Cluj Napoca the situation has significantly improved. The laboratory in Cluj Napoca has been upgraded to provide quality diagnosis, a new national registry has been established and haemophilia care in north Romania has been standardised.

Building a multidisciplinary haemophilia care centre from scratch (EP2)

Dr Laura Villarreal, paediatric haematologist and professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the University in Nuevo León – Mexico, has built up the haemophilia clinic at the University Hospital in Monterrey from scratch. In this episode you will hear about her vision of a multidisciplinary care team, how she was able to build it, and what it means for people with haemophilia and their families.