NNHF Grantee Perception Report 2022: Setting new benchmarks for impacting haemophilia care

What are we doing well? How can we do better? What strengths and opportunities can we at the Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation leverage to increase our impact?

We are delighted to share the results of our first Grantee Perception Report, prepared by the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) to gather data and assess our impact. The CEP helps foundations like ours become more effective by obtaining feedback from those who know us best – our grantees – and comparing the results across a dataset gathered from over a decade of surveys across more than 350 funders.

Our first grantee report is highly encouraging and inspiring, with a high response rate of 82%. Overall, our grantees hold extremely positive perceptions of the NNHF.

“Smooth and effective”

“Enriching process”

“Improved the standard of care of patients with haemophilia”

Best of all, ratings by our grantees place us well above the typical funder. Grantees are especially positive about our impact on their communities and organisations, and highly value our close working relationships.

“NNHF is rated among the top of CEP’s comparative dataset for openness to ideas, and above all other funders for transparency.”

Grantees also provide higher than typical ratings of our impact on their organisations. Beyond project grants, our partners particularly appreciate the considerable non-monetary support we provide. We want to continue to nurture and grow these high-touch interactions and close relationships. We will strive to identify more opportunities to share learnings and best practices across our networks through leadership forums, round tables and trainings on topics like fundraising, financial management, communication and advocacy.

“NNHF is among the top 10% of funders in CEP’s dataset for our advancement of knowledge in their field.”

The survey results also suggest some areas where we can do better.

Financial support for administrative tasks

Increased non-monetary support

Deeper understanding of local communities and contexts

We have taken the suggestions into high consideration, and we want to relieve the burden of voluntary work for our project partners. At our recent Council Meeting, it was decided to include a 5% administration fee as part of each new project grant approved from October 2022 to help with costs like accounting, logistics and administrative tasks.

Our programme managers are currently working in consultation with our partners to streamline some project management processes noted by survey respondents as being time intensive. At the same time, however, many grantees appreciate the opportunity for learning provided by this process – strengthening project management and presentation skills along with budget management. Based on their feedback, we will continue to increase our non-monetary support, for example with capacity building on strategic planning and volunteer training.

Given the challenge of funding diverse projects across a wide range of countries, we have an opportunity to build a deeper understanding of our grantees’ communities and local contexts. Post-pandemic, we are prioritising fact-finding visits, increasing our dialogue and involving our partners in setting NNHF programme management processes.

Finally, lower ratings in survey responses from grantees according to gender and disability status have made us aware of an opportunity to become even more inclusive in our interactions with all partners, in line with our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

The NNHF would like to thank all of our grantees for their support and honest input in responding to the CEP survey. We look forward to increasing our impact by celebrating our successes and improving our effectiveness together.

In the meantime, your feedback is always welcome! We invite our grantees to share their ideas and suggestions for improvements on an ongoing basis at [email protected].