New projects approved

6 new projects were approved by the NNHF Council at its last meeting on 26 May 2021.

Since 2005 the NNHF programme portfolio is growing, with currently 207 projects in 79 countries. Starting with a first NNHF supported project in Laos and after ten years a second one in Honduras, we look forward to collaborating with new partners as well as continuing the journey with current ones to continue Impacting care. Together.

Please find here below an overview of the newly approved projects.

Honduras 2

Healthy joints for people with haemophilia in Honduras

Laos 1

Increase awareness about haemophilia and establish basic care in Laos

Latin America 1

Stories of haemophilia carrier women to expand awareness in Latin America

Pakistan 7

Enhancing community outreach initiatives through awareness creation and improving access to care

South Africa 5

Raising the standard of care and promoting specialities in haemophilia care

Thailand 6

Strengthen haemophilia care in Northeast Thailand