Mohsin Hassan Qazi (Pakistan): Living an active life

My parents were told I had haemophilia when I was 2 years old. At that time there were no care or treatment facilities in Karachi. I am the second born of four siblings and we do not have any family history of haemophilia.

As a boy with haemophilia, doctors advised that I should not play, study or work. Refraining children with haemophilia from doing any physical activity is taking away the joy of being physically active.

Mohsin Hassan Qazi, living with severe haemophilia A

In 2014 I joined the Hemophilia Society Karachi chapter, part of Hemophilia Foundation-Pakistan. We know that being physically active is especially essential from an early age, to fully develop sensory and social skills. That’s why we raise awareness amongst schools and students that children with haemophilia can safely participate in sport and play with the right support.

We also conduct workshops for people with haemophilia, in partnership with other national and international agencies. We want them to know that they can excel in various fields of life. We provide knowledge to motivate them and help them realise that having haemophilia doesn’t have to be a barrier.

I hope I can be of some inspiration to others, sharing my experience of my self-improvement process, which involved gaining my MBA qualification and working as an an assistant manager for finance in the Husaini Blood Bank, Karachi.

Mohsin Hassan Qazi, living with severe haemophilia A, shared his story with us as part of our ‘Get+involved: share your story’ series to celebrate World Haemophilia Day 2020.