Improving quality of life through education

“I am Liliana Diaz Diez, a schoolteacher in Mar del Plata, Argentina. During one of the virtual training sessions organised by the project team, I learned a lot about haemophilia and how to handle a child with this condition if he gets hurt. This helped me overcome my fear of the unknown and be better able to explain about bleeding disorders to my peers and pupils. The benefit for children with haemophilia is greater integration into the group, with the ability to participate in all activities without fear of something happening. The first aid kit distributed to our school by the FundaciĆ³n Hemofilia MDQ is also really useful in case of an accident.”

Maria del Carmen Jodar (left) delivering information and first-aid kit to Liliana Diaz Diez (right) after one of the training sessions organised for school teachers and parents.

“My name is Maria del Carmen Jodar, president and founder of our patient association, FundaciĆ³n Hemofilia MDQ. My son has haemophilia, so I know how important it is for children to be able to go to school and participate in physical activities with their classmates. In addition to the online trainings for teachers and parents, we have also managed to generate interest in bleeding disorders among nursing students. Thanks to several workshops organised by the team in 2021, over 100 nurses are now educated in haemophilia and trained to offer quality care.”

In-person nursing training on the management of people with haemophilia organised in Mar del Plata.

Argentina 2021 highlights

Education and awareness are making a huge difference in quality of life for people with haemophilia thanks to this two-year project led by Maria del Carmen Jodar. With collaboration and support from local doctors in the province of Buenos Aires, a number of training sessions and workshops were held:

  • Virtual nursing training and in-person workshops with participation of +100 healthcare professionals.
  • In-person training on the importance of exercise and sport for people with haemophilia and their families.
  • Online training for more than 110 schoolteachers and parents with distribution of educational materials and first-aid kits to 20 schools.

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