Impact assessment 2021 methodology

The 2021 impact assessment uses quantitative and qualitative data from three sources: a partner survey, NNHF project portfolio data and project partners’ progress reports.

Partner survey

Conducted in December 2021 and distributed using an online survey development tool¹, this survey collects data on impact creation in our three focus areas: capacity building; diagnosis and registry; awareness and advocacy.

The survey was sent to partners from 53 NNHF programmes across 48 countries which were running or completed in 2021. Representatives from 32 programmes responded, meaning 60.4% of NNHF running or completed programmes are represented in the results. Respondents were given the option to provide their name or stay anonymous.

Programme portfolio data

We use programme modules to categorise activities taking place within programmes, which facilitates sharing learnings and tracking of the distribution of funds per category.

In 2021 the NNHF reviewed the methodology for assessment of haemophilia centre and laboratory established or strengthened.

Project partners’ progress reports

To monitor their activities and measure impact, our partners complete half-yearly progress reports throughout the duration of their projects. We use these reports to highlight success and learnings, and to identify where we can provide further support. Quantitative data is extracted from these reports to allow for cross-portfolio data analysis.

Unless otherwise stated, the data presented in this impact assessment overview is from the 2021 partner survey.

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