Establishing basic care through education and awareness

“My name is Salifu Gaye, and I’m a physician at Edward Frances Small Teaching Hospital (EFTH) in Banjul. I work very closely with nurse Vandy Jayah, who initiated the creation of the patient organisation, Safe Motherhood and Hemophilia Foundation The Gambia, to change the care and treatment of haemophilia in our country. We are grateful to have been able to build haemophilia care from scratch in The Gambia over the last two years thanks to this project.”

Dr Salifu Gaye attended an in-depth training in Dakar, Senegal, led by Dr Saliou Diop.

“Until now people with bleeding disorders in our country had to travel to Senegal, which few can afford, in order to obtain a diagnosis and receive basic care. With the establishment of the first diagnostic facility here at the hospital, we can now provide care for people with haemophilia here at home. Last year we attended an in-depth training in Dakar, Senegal, led by haemophilia expert Dr Saliou Diop. This enabled us to gain greater knowledge and the confidence to manage people with bleeding disorders, and communicate with patients and their families. Once we returned home, we realised that more needed to be done to identify people with haemophilia and ensure access to care in the region. We embarked on a journey to share the knowledge acquired during the training in Senegal with other healthcare professionals in Brikama, Fagi Kunda, Sukuta and Serrekunda.”

Vandy Jayah, founder and president of the Safe Motherhood and Hemophilia Foundation The Gambia is raising awareness of haemophilia and bleeding disorders among healthcare professionals in Kombo, a region south of Banjul.

Gambia 2021 highlights

Joint project leaders Dr Salifu Gaye, a physician, and Vandy Jayah, nurse and founder of the Safe Motherhood and Hemophilia Foundation The Gambia, were able to complete in-depth training and share learnings with other healthcare professionals and people with haemophilia, laying the groundwork for basic care.

  • In-depth training of two nurses and a haematologist completed in Senegal.
  • Outreach training for 424 healthcare professionals leading to increased awareness of haemophilia in the regions.
  • Increased attention from Ministry of Health resulting in the procurement of additional diagnostic equipment.
  • Haemophilia patient organisation and community strengthened.
  • Diagnosis and care for people with haemophilia now available in The Gambia.

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