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For Ahaz Ogira from Kenya, bleeds in his ankles and knees cause pain and could lead to lifelong disability. Wearing the right shoes can help prevent this – but many people don’t know which shoes they need, or simply cannot afford them. This is where you can help.

Our Step by Step fundraiser will help people with haemophilia living in Honduras, Kenya and Thailand by providing them with appropriate shoes and joint assessments from trained healthcare professionals to help prevent joint damage.

Donate today, and together we can help reduce pain and disability for people living with haemophilia, step by step.

Photo by: © Amini Suwedi/Novo Nordisk Haemphilia Foundation/Fairpicture

Donate USD 45

$45 will help contribute to new shoes for a person living with haemophilia, reducing their risk of lifelong disability.

Donate USD 90

$90 will mean a new pair of shoes for a person living with haemophilia, together with ongoing advice and monitoring from trained healthcare professionals on how to prevent joint damage.

Donate other amount

All donations will go directly to our partners in Honduras, Kenya and Thailand, so that they can supply the right shoes to people with haemophilia and train healthcare professionals to help prevent joint damage.

Terms & conditions

Introducing Step by Step: Raising funds for healthier joints

The right shoes

The right shoes help prevent joint damage by protecting and stabilising the feet, ensuring an equal transfer of weight and facilitating a rolling motion during walking.

Trained healthcare professionals

Joint assessments are key in identifying and preventing complications caused by bleeds – trained healthcare professionals will ensure they include the ankle and promote the importance of appropriate footwear.

Informed communities

Cost, climate, trends…There are many reasons behind our choice of footwear. Informing people with haemophilia about the impact shoes have on their joints will enable them to make the right choices.