Chris Davis (South Africa): Overcoming challenges in lockdown

On Friday 10 April 2020, Leeman Matutu developed a bleed into his hip causing lots of pain. He could not get transport from the farm where he worked because of the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, as the owner was in quarantine and could not leave the farm.

Chris Davis (South Africa)

Knowing this was an emergency, I set out in my car so I could bring some of my treatment factor to him. When I was stopped at a roadblock, I explained the purpose of my journey to the police. They understood that it was an essential journey and allowed me to continue.

At the second roadblock, the police officer insisted I was violating the lockdown rules and issued a fine. Luckily a second officer at the scene agreed that my journey was unavoidable and allowed me to continue whilst he voided the fine.

By the time I reached Leeman, he could barely walk because of the bleed in his hip. I handed him my factor and returned home without any further road blocks.

Leeman was grateful to receive the treatment Chris had brought to him.

Later that day, I sent a message to Leeman to ask how he was doing. He told me he was feeling much better and he thanked me. Leeman and the farmer he works for were both grateful I drove all the way to the farm to bring the needed treatment.

During the lockdown, it is even more important to support each other, and show we are part of one bleeding disorders community.