Argentina 2 project: The art of better care

Creation of a cross-institutional and multidisciplinary care network to offer a comprehensive approach in the South of Buenos Aires province.

Partner institution
CARDHE – Patient organisation and Haemophilia Healthcare Centre in Bahía Blanca

Represented by
Susana Garbiero, MD

March 2016 – October 2017

In the end, they achieved more than they ever dreamed possible. As the project gained momentum, it took on a life of its own. Take a look at the results.

  • The team led 13 outreach visits to 8 villages. In total, they educated 131 healthcare professionals, 65 patients, 47 school teachers, and 80 students
  • The project gained strong media attention, using local TV and radio to encourage attendance for their visits
  • They created guides for managing haemophilia. Subjects include guidance for healthcare teams, for schools, dental care, and exercise
  • They organised the first-ever haemophilia camp for young people and their families in the region. This camp, called “Happiness, adventure and freedom”, was held in Sierra de la Ventana and had 35 attendees.

However, the signature event of the project came on World Haemophilia Day. In partnership with the Dance School of Bahía Blanca, the CARDHE team organised a dance performance. This dance was an artistic portrayal of life with haemophilia and two people with the condition were included as part of the performance team. The performance was successful for multiple reasons: it was a captivating way to create awareness about bleeding disorders, it dispelled the stereotype that people with haemophilia cannot be active, and it was a highly-innovative way to gain community and media attention.

The Argentina 2 project is an example of what a team of dedicated volunteers can achieve when they work in true harmony to reach the same objective. They approached the project with admirable creativity and together created something unforgettable.