NNHF Project of the Year 2019

We are delighted to announce that the NNHF Council has selected India 7 as the 2019 NNHF Project of the Year.

Led by project partner, Dr Pamela Narayan, India 7 has harnessed the power of physiotherapy to reduce disability and joint damage among people with haemophilia throughout India. Before the India 7 project started, there were very few if any physiotherapists in India with the right knowledge and expertise to treat people with haemophilia.

Mukesh Garodia, the Vice President of Development at the Hemophilia Federation India, who has first-hand experience of receiving haemophilia care in India, commented: “NNHF’s collaboration with the Hemophilia Federation India is step towards curbing disability in the haemophilia community in India.”

Teaming up to create a sustainable care system

Things are changing thanks to the work of Dr Narayan and the expert team she mobilised for the project. Together, they have trained over 120 physiotherapists from 12 centres across India who will continue training others in the region, increasing the project’s reach and maximising its long-term impact. The project oversaw collaboration between authorities, healthcare professionals and the patient organisation which resulted in the creation of a haemophilia registry and musculoskeletal care guidelines.

Watch our video to find out more about the India 7 project.

The Project of the Year award goes to the project which has demonstrated outstanding dedication, excellent project management, stakeholder involvement and sustainable impact.